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You won’t ever truly understand love until you have walked through your own idea of hell just to find it

I swear, some people are just looking for all the answers.
They never stop looking.
They don’t take a deep breath in and let themselves feel their lungs expand with the fresh air of a cold night or a summer day.
We don’t walk anymore, to anywhere.
We are so numb to our own bodies, that we enslave ourselves to our psyches and call it rational.

They want to know the answers to all the questions they’ve ever pondered.
Meanwhile, they forget to live.

I think so few people believe in God because they don’t want to believe it.
People think disproving God means we know more about ourselves than some divine power we can’t see, we can’t touch, we can’t hold at night.
It means having more faith in our own abilities to answer our own questions than to leave it to this unidentifiable source who ‘can’t even prevent bad things from happening.’

And yet we still have questions, without answers.
And we still lie awake alone at night and question who we really are.

Spending your life wondering who you are is a hell so many people endure.
Life is so temporary, and yet we
fill so much space and time with
questions and questionable answers
and the who, how, what, when, where,
and ultimately the why
and we wander and wander
until we lose track of time
and we look down at our cell phones
and see that its time to leave
all of this world and all of its
lack of clarity behind.

What is the purpose of living if you don’t even live?
What kind of logic is life without faith in things you can’t see?

Love is so vital and so limitless.
As limitless as the questions, the answers, the space between where
this world and the next meet.

Why spend your life doubting the love of an undefined source when
all you’ve ever wanted, all we’ve ever wanted,
was to be loved?

Don’t let the questions and lack of concrete answers consume you.
Embrace the love you can’t explain.
Give it back to the world.

Let love let you live.